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    • Meeting with the President of Uganda
    • 2013.07.01
    • On May 31st, EunKyun Lee Head of Unhwa’s Plant Stem Cell Institute gave a presentation on plant stem cells to President Yoweri Museveni during his first formal visit to Korea.
      President Yoweri Museveni is widely-Known in Africa as an exemplary for political stability of his government and rapid economic growth of his country.

      Dr, Eun-Kyung Lee introduced Unhwa’s founding process and plant stem cell technology developed for AIDS research, and President Museveni expressed high level of interest.

      President Museveni said, “ I hope executives from Unhwa will visit my Presidential Office so I can get more details”. Soon after the visit, on the 26th June, Unhw’s CEO Young-Woo Jin and Head of R&D Eun-Kyung Lee received a formal invitation to visit the President’s Office in Uganda.
      As a company with the dream of extending the lives of 6 billion people around the world, CEO Young-Woo Jinexpressed his appreciation to President Yoweri Museveni for his support in helping us take another step to supply plant stem cells.

      The President of Uganda called his chief secretary and told her to push ahead with the project by supplying 10 acres of land to build a factory and also ordered the Minister of Health to accelerate the Herbal Medicine registration and clinical study approval to conduct HIV clinical studies sooner

      President Museveni treated the Pastor as if he was an old friend. As Pastor shared his explanation on how Ddobyul was discovered, he also expressed his heartfelt emotion, hoping that Ddobyul will be approved for use as a medicine to eradicate AIDS in Africa. He said that after AIDS disappears from Africa, Grandmothers will tell stories to small children.
      “A long time ago, many people died because of a terrible disease called AIDS, but Koreans who believed in God brought Ddobyul and eradicated AIDS from Africa”.
       In addition, he said that he hopes that the President of Uganda would become the iconic pioneer of the cure for AIDS in Africa and said that people will always remember the President for this feat. 
      The Ugandan President felt deeply moved and said. “This will not be because I do it, but instead because you are volunteering to do it for us”.

      The  Small and Medium Business Excellence Leadership award and the meeting with President of Uganda will be a stepping stone for Unhwa to rapidly grow and be known as “ the company that saves lives”