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    • Bio food Product developed from river bio-materials
    • 2013.10.29
    • In 2013, Unhwa was selected by industry as a Regional Economic Enterprise Development and Healthcare Business
      Section: Bio food
      Product: The production of functional foods, which contain metabolic ginsenoside, that improve canine liver performance.
      Management Department: Unhwa
      Result: Financial Support
       On the 20th June, 2013, Unhwa was selected as a healthcare business that is “using cultured cells from wild ginseng that contain metabolic ginsenoside to improve liver performance”.
      The project management department of Unhwa is working together with Sungkyunkwan University on this initiative which is supported by a 580 million won research grant from the Korean Government.
      The Unhwa Ddobyul product, which has consistently been produced and sold to customers, contains wild ginseng ginsenoside from plant stem cell research. The fact that this product was chosen as being suitable for Government Support as part of this project shows a recognition of Unhwa’s skills.
      Unhwa’s idea to use wild ginseng plant stem cells to improve liver performance evolved from the research efforts made to produce and commercialize many types of bio-food
      Unhwa’s management team has become the world’s first company to successfully cultivate and separate plant stem cell (Ddobyul) and they expect to be able to secure exclusive rights to this technology.
      Unhwa expect that this technology agreement will result in liver performance improvements and create a successful business. These innovative research skills will help everybody live healthier lives and people will recognize the skills of Unhwa’s employees.
      Using this research and the leadership of local companies like Honam healthcare, domestic industry can be successful by supporting businesses to make new products that can be sold to customers. If business are supported in this way, it can be a successful process. This can be shown in the marketplace as it contributes to increases in sales and the creation of employment.