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    • Article from the December Newsletter of the Jeollabuk-do Children’s Community Center support group
    • 2014.01.14
    • In December last year, the Jeollabuk-do Children’s Community Center Support Group published an article in their ‘December Newsletter’ on how the children from the Center were invited to a Christmas show and gifts were given to them.
      On the 19th December 2013, a Christmas Cantata performance was held in the Jeollabuk-do Samsung Culture Hall. Over 300 people from the Provincial Government’s families support Unhwa by buying tickets. Together, they gave 200 attendance tickets for teachers and children from the Jeonju Children’s Community Center.
      For This year Christmas Cantata performance will include Opera, Musical and Choral style songs so that the guests can enjoy various types of performances and get a good impression of the event.
      In 2011, a group of executives and employees got together to organize a society called the ‘Star Child Supporters Association’ to support nine wonderful children’s who were suffering from incurable diseases.  From this year, support will be given to children’s under 12 years old via a welfare donation. As part of this year Christmas Cantata performance, 200 teachers and children’s from the Jeonju Children’s Community Center were invited to attend. Unhwa bought and delivered the tickets to the Jeollabuk-do Children’s Community Center support group.
      Unhwa is taking the lead by developing cultural ties and exchanges with the local community while making a constant effort to improve the welfare of local children. 
      Unhwa delivered gifts, each worth about KRW50,000 to 61 children from the Children’s Community Center.
      This event was hosted of the Small and Medium business ‘Love Sharing Foundation’. 'The Love Sharing Foundation’ is one part of the "Hope Tree Business’. The group’s aim is to encourage and expand support activities and deliver gifts to each organization that has been selected as a recipient.
      On the 19th December, Unhwa held the 2014 Christmas Cantata event in the Samsung Culture Hall. They invited over 200 children from the Children’s Community Center and got support from businesses connected with the ‘Hope Tree Business’ initiative to provide financial support and deliver gifts to the children. These gifts were delivered to 15 children from the Deokjin-Gu Children’s Community Center, which is located in Jeonju and 46 children from the Haenam Children’s Community Center.
      In the future, Unhwa will continue to organize groups of executives and employees through the ‘Society to Support Wonderful Children’ group. This will help children (under 12years) and give positive aid to children who need it most.