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    • 文化共享 - 2013雲火藝人演唱會活動
    • 2013.07.05
      On the 3rd July, Unhwa and the Gracias Choir hosted a Unhwa Artist Concert together in the Samsung Culture hall to celebrate 
      It took place during the rainy season so there were dark clouds all day long, but when the concert finished, the rain is stopped, so the audience went home happy.
      For 50 minutes before the scheduled starting time, people lined up at the ticketing area waiting to see the concert. Visitors were very interested in the Unhwa Photo Exhibition booth.

       Over 400 people received invitations to attend the concert. This event was held in appreciation of and in support of Unhwa, so guests from the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government  along with executives from partner organizations and employees also attended.  This comprised over 350 people with 50 places reserved for VIPs. That day the Samsung Culture hall had a capacity audience and its 1500 seats were filled with people who had a great time watching world-class artists perform.

      All the audience were impressed by the artists featured, and the guests said they were blown away by the talent of the world-class artists and the high level of the concert and an appreciation plaque to Unhwa’s CEO Young-Woo Jin as a thank you for supporting the Choir.
      The VIPS invitees sent emails to show how much the enjoyed the show, “Thank you for inviting us to this landmark music concert and we are happy to help and support Unhwa”. 

      Lots of people came to the Unhwa Artist Concert and they were happy to have a great time together with both the hosts and other guests.