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    • LG Care Launches Isa Knox X2D2 using Unhwa's Plant Stem Cell
    • 2011.09.27
    • LG Care Launches Isa Knox X2D2 Original
      [Money Today] 2011.09.27

      [Summarized and Translated by Unhwa]
      After years of studying the cause and source of skin aging, LG Household & Health Care has launched ‘Isa Knox X2D2 Original,’ an effective anti-aging cosmetic line that works against appearance of skin aging.
      Isa Knox X2D2 Original is a basic cosmetic line that embodies secret of the world’s first plant stem cell derived from cambium. This product forms a part of ‘1/2 Skin Age Project.’
      Isa Knox X2D2 contains an ingredient called ‘JuvinityTM’ which was formulated under joint research with Sederma (France). JuvinityTM monitors signs of skin aging and secures anti-aging properties in skin.
      Moreover, Isa Knox X2D2 incorporates a ground-breaking technology that contains cambium-derived stem cell cultured media. This world’s one and only technology is secured by Unhwa Corporation, which conducted joint research with University of Edinburgh on isolating and culturing plant stem cell without inducing damage and variation. This research was also published in the world-renowned scientific journal, Nature Biotechnology.
      Stem cell properties provide nutrition to skin that has begun aging due to reduced cell activity and depletion. It effectively creates revitalized, healthy-looking skin by supplementing moisture and nutrition to skin.
      Isa Knox X2D2 also contains phyto-sphingosin that strengthens lipid membrane of skin, which restores protective layer of skin damaged from aging and stress. Thus it is very effective in creating a firm and young-looking skin.
      Writen by: Jeong Hoon Lee