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    • Unhwa invites the world’s greatest scholars to discuss natural drug products.
    • 2012.04.19
    • The theme of the seminar will be plant stem cell research-based applications and it will be held with Chung-Ang University.
      Unhwa’s President Young-Woo Jin and Chung-Ang University Hospital’s medical director Seung-Deck Kim invited the world’s top authorities on natural drug product discovery to the event including Yale University’s Pharmacology Professor Yong-Chi Cheng and the former FDA Deputy Director-General Dr. Min-Hye Lee. They will conduct a seminar on plant stem cell applied research and natural drug product discovery. This meeting will take place in the R&D Center of Chung-Ang University Hospital on the 20th of this month.
      At the first session, Unhwa will give a presentation on their natural drug product discoveries and provide a preview of their upcoming announcement concerning their natural drug project involving anti-HIV treatment using Wild Ginseng stem cells. Unhwa was chosen by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy as a future leader in regional R&D innovation for technical industries.
      On the 16th September last year, Unhwa established a cooperation agreement in the plant stem cell business area with Chung-Ang University Hospital and in the first season, they will make a presentation introducing this MOU contract. Unhwa and Chung-Ang will conduct joint research on anti-aging and anti-cancer treatments.
      In the second session, the subject will be “a special lecture about application research based on plant stem cell rudiments”.  This will be jointly hosted by the Chung-Ang University hospital research business center and Unhwa. The lecture will seek to provide an understanding of, and engage the attendees on recent advances in plant stem cell research.
      In this lecture, Yale University’s Dr. Young-Chi Cheng will give a speech about the global potential of natural drug product discovery. His lecture will refer to the work carried out by the U.S National Cancer Institute and the techniques used in the research and investigation process for the PHY906 case study. Dr. Min-Hye Lee will also give a speech about the U.S. FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) natural drug approval process and related regulations issues.
      Professor Yong-Chi Chen will also visit Korea to attend the applied plant stem cell research and natural product discovery seminar. He is well-known as an innovator among Yale Faculty, and Yale University has described him by saying, “in the field of pharmacology research, Professor Yong-Chi Chen has had a highly positive effect for human health. His work has led to the treatment of diseases for millions of people and he holds many patents for the discovery of groundbreaking natural drug products.”

       Professor Yong-Chi Chen insists that the evaluation of global natural drug products should not be based on a single-component. Instead, polychemical medicines, which are composed of complex-components, will become a new paradigm in the future of medical science.
      In addition, the of this event, Unhwa, has created a network of expert including representatives from the University of Maryland in the U.K, Chung-Ang University Hospital and a Yale Research Team.  The members of this network are currently working together on a development project, known as “DDB01A”. to create anti-HIV natural treatments based on Wild Ginseng stem cells.
      Specifically, on 7th March last year, Unhwa successfully finished a “Pre-IND meeting” with the U.S FDA and they are now planning to perform multi-national clinical trials in Korea and Ghana. The aim of the group is to march forward on the project until 2014 and complete the U.S FDA Phase 2 Clinical Trials, which would be a global first for a newly-discovered anti-HIV natural drug product.